Our Story

Pouse Menswear is a specialist shirt maker, We’ re the brainchild of a Joresa&Son group, who share a passion for garment in Thailand for 40 Years. We set out to create a lifestyle brand grounded on the essence of quality – Great design, the finest natural materials, and time honored quality craftsmanship.

Established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014, Pouse Menswear is a premium, artisan label specializing in textiles with a thoughtfully curated collection of high quality everyday essentials made from the finest natural raw materials and innovative fabrics.

Our heritage is grounded in three generations of medium-scale family production; a storied legacy of manufacturing textiles, garments, and Uniform. We hand-make or hand-finish each individual piece in collaboration with other family owned workshops specialized in their craft, who share our unwavering commitment for exceptional quality.

LK Haberdasher co founded Pouse Menswear with his Bro Pichet S. His family’s contribution to the textile and apparel industry extends over 40 years. Before Pouse Menswear, LK Haberdasher spent more than 10 years to studied about the British Menswear and developed products to meet the International Standard.

LK is inspired by nature’s authentic beauty, and his collaborations with manufacturers who share his passion for natural, high quality fabrics. And Now it’s time for Him as Thai designer to create a very best products to the world.